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Create 3D experience for your visitors, and connect to your existing website or online store. The possibilities are limitless.

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Think of cubes as webpages

In websites there are pages. In XR there are cubes.
Design your cubes, link them together.

The result is a 3D website that works on any device.

360° Image Gallery

Supports open source aFrame.js

360° Video Tour

Deploy in minutes without servers

Virtual Shopping

Blazing fast with globally distributed network

There are just some common use cases.
You are only limited by your imagination.

See Documentation for more

Publish under your custom domain

Host your XR website with ElixirXR and publish under your custom domain. Do not worry about deploys or devops.

Embed to your online store

Don't want to publish under a domain? No problem. Grab the code and make it part of your existing website.


We love developers

Deploy your Aframe projects with ElixirXR in no time, or use it as a boilerplate.

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